Telstra 4g usb dongle manual

Patch lead for telstra usb wifi plus 4gx modem wingle e8372 key features. Your telstra prepaid 4g usb has been tested to the highest standards to deliver you the best possible coverage and speed experience on the. Follow these step by step instructions to setup your new. I now use my mobile phone to connect saves money as i never reach my mobile monthly allowance anyway question is it possible to convert the dongle to a blank usb for general use. I have a 4g telstra dongle that i used to plug into my laptop when bush. Telstra 4gx provides you with speeds up to two times as fast as regular 4g on your compatible 700mhz spectrum device in a 4gx area. There are no instructions on how to do this and the technical. This guide will help you get started as quickly and easily as possible. The telstra mobile wifi 4g has an internal antenna. Plug in to any usb enabled device, such as your laptop or pc, and share wifi with up to five devices. Double click the telstra modem cdrom on the desktop to install the modem. For optimum performance with minimum power consumption, do not shield the device or cover with any object. Dongles or usb modems and pocket wifi are becoming.

Telstra has released a new 4g mobile broadband device that combines a 4g usb dongle with a 4g wifi hotspot which it is billing as the first of its. In my proof of concept work i am using a prepaid 4g dongle huwai e3872 which works well for fallback. Find out how to set up your telstra prepaid mobile broadband service for both wifi and usb devices. I connected with usb lead but dont know how to make connection. Ive just got a new telstra branded zte mf910v 4gx wifi modem. The microsd card is an optional accessory and is not included in the package. You can access the wifi home page from your pc, mobile or tablet. The wifi modem is a perfect road trip companion, as it comes with an incar adaptor that plugs straight into your cars 12volt power socket, so youll never run out of battery. Using the usb connection requires administrator rights to install and run the software. Microsd card for external data storage available at consumer electronics stores you can use your telstra usb 4g with these operating systems. Now, the actual issue is related to the usb modem not detecting the mobile sim card. To uninstall, go to applications and run uninstall telstra prepaid 4g usb. There are two ts9 connector for external 4g antennas. Usb connector allows the lte e8372 to connect to a computer or power adapter not included.

Enjoy the benefit of connecting up to 5x devices at a time. Page 4 your telstra usb 4g led indicators modem status offline. You can also use your mobile hotspot in tethered mode by connecting it to your laptop with the usb cable to access the internet. We suggest you switch off your antivirus software before connecting the. If all goes to plan, youll be up and running in less than 7 minutes. Connects the usb modem to your antenna fme male heavy duty shortbarrel ts9 connector. Front image of the telstra 4gx usb mobile broadband device. Telstra internet and mms apn settings apn, telstra internet apn settings apn, telstra mms apn settings apn, telstra mms apn settings apn, telstra apn, telstra australia apn mobile data and mms internet settings in 2 min on any android device apn, telstra apn setting on any sim card apn,apn setting unlocked telstra 4g usb modem zte mf823. View and download huawei lte e8372 quick start manual online. If youre on the move a fair bit, or perhaps you just want something easy and convenient to access the internet with, have you considered an internet dongle or pocket wifi. View and download telstra usb 4g user manual online. Telstra is the worlds first mobile network to crack the mbps download speed barrier over 4g, and its using this little gadget from netgear to get there.

Choose from a range of dongles and mobile broadband devices for portable wifi. This telstra prepaid 4gx wifi pro modem can be used to create your own wifi network using 4g signal. Modem huawei e397 4g lte mobile internet key quick start manual 10 pages modem huawei e169 manual. Not only does it look like a near replica of the last telstra. Ive tried many dongles and this one is by far the best. Its pretty simple to get started and you can be on the internet in just a few minutes. Mf821 4g modem supports lte fdd bands 7 180021002600mhz up to 100mbps download speed and 50mpbs for upload speed. If all goes to plan, youll be up and running in no time.

Telstraone experience your new prepaid telstra usb 4g includes telstraone experience with features that make it easier to connect and access all of your favourite services and functions. Telstra 4gx usb wifi modem the 4gx usb wifi modem from telstra offers convenient access to telstra s 4gx wifi coverage around australia. Aircard 320u telstra usb 4g aircard 320u model version. The setup wizard will run automatically and after a couple of minutes a new desktop icon called telstra. Do not use the telstra wifi 4g advanced near fuel or chemicals or in any prescribed areas such as service stations, refineries, hospitals, and aircraft. Covering the antenna affects signal quality, and may cause the telstra mobile wifi 4g to operate at a higher power level than needed, and may shorten battery life. Autorun should install the device manager, if not navigate to the device via my computer which. Power key status led main antenna secondary antenna. I am investigating the use of 4g usb dongle attached to standard nbn attached routers variously telstra business gateway and other brands as a fallover option.

Telstra 4g usb dongle not recognised in windows 10 telstra. May be a small price to pay for direct usb internet connection if so. Patch lead for telstra usb wifi plus 4gx modem wingle. The telstra mobile wifi 4g is designed to be used at least. Canstar blue compares some of the top brands, including whats available with telstra, vodafone and optus. Ensure that microsd card is inserted according to the direction as labelled on the. Ive been using this 4g dongle for a couple of years now. Not registered on the network green solid registered on the lte network active data transfer on the lte green blinking network blue solid registered on the g g network active data transfer. Please only use compatible sim cards to avoid damage to your lte e8372 and sim card. No matter which way i insert my sim acrd, which does work as i tested it in my ipad pro this wingle refsues to find it and i have tried it on three different pcs laptop. Plug in and connect to any usb enabled device, such as your laptop or pc.

Page 1 getting to know your telstra mobile wifi 4g page 2 lets get this show on the road you must be excited about your brand new telstra mobile wifi 4g. This chapter provides an overview of telstra prepaid 4g my pocket wifi ultimate features. Wifi connection detected to access your account youll need to. The mf910y 4gx wifi plus is available for purchase at telstra shops and telstra dealers. Page 6 maximum permissible exposure the telstra wifi 4g advanced is designed to be used at least 20 cm from the body. A new breed of 4g device that uses superior 700mhz spectrum for improved 4g inbuilding coverage and typical speeds from 2 to 75mbps in 4gx areas in australia. Telstra zte mf910v 4gx wifi modem unboxing and assembly. Forgive us if we gloss quickly over the design of the new telstra 4g usb modem. Telstra 4g usb modem user manual northwest territories. Helps boost signal strength and speed of your lte 100mbps device. For superfast internet speeds on the go, stay connected to telstra s 4gx network with the huawei telstra prepaid 4gx usb wifi plus pppe8372. Telstra huawei e8372h608 usb device not even recognised.

How to update telstra 4g mobile broadband dongles huawei telstra wifi 4g advanced pro x e5786 press the menu button on the top side of the device until check for update is higlighted. How to update telstra 4g mobile broadband dongles telstra. Huawei e8372 user guide mobile internet bell wirelessdealer. For more information go to the wifi 4g modem from telstra. Hi all, i have a telstra 4gx usb wi fi plus the hawuai 8372 wingle device. Insert usb into usb port on your pc or other device.

Telstra store or partner for assistance with picking the best antenna option for you as well as help with installation. Telstra huawei e8372h608 usb device not even recognised by windows 10 in response to philby12 when i worked as a tech expert a title i really wasnt comfortable with but i digress it usually meant the device was stuck either in modem mode, or in storage mode, depending on what it was i was attempting to achieve at the time, and it. Zte mf821 4g lte surfstick is a new 4g usb modem from chinese vendor zte. Turn off the wifi on your device dont worry, this site is free to use whether youre in australia or overseas.

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